artesanias latinoamericanas diseño artesanal chileno

Introducing independently designed Latin-American inspired handiwork, which is a sharp contrast to industrial mass production.

pantuflas knitted wool slippers
botuflas knitted wool boots slippers
Knitted independent design from Chile
Independent fashion design from Chile

Definition Artesania

Art that is created out of hand-made objects with the emphasis on work that is done by hand. Fashion design or clothing concentrated on independent creation is a welcome alternative to the fashion industry and mass production. Aside from being aesthetically beautiful, independent knitted design is unique because it is 100% handmade. It is not produced by automated machines, and therefore combats mainstream consumer products. Artisanal production is the non-industrialized application of art forms into the production of consumer products.


Buying or gifting handmade designer pieces demonstrates a sense of individuality. The client receives something unique which has been made with a lot of love and dedication. It is also an ethical alternative to large chain stores which makes us complicit in global exploitation when we are influenced by them, as we are encouraged to be mass consumers by our own culture and economy. Buying handmade supports the artist directly and helps us to create a fairer and more beautiful world.